Program & Venues


Fetein' from Zürich to Lucerne!

Ladies and Gentleman,

We are happy to anounce that the SIWSS SOCA FESTIVAL 2018 is taking place! 

The Festival will take place in ZÜRICH & LUCERNE again. 

As last year it will include a BOAT RIDE, an OUTDOOR FETE, two INDOOR FETES with live shows, as well as the legendary COOL DOWN FETE. As all venues were sold out in the last year we decided to work in bigger venues! These will be anounced soon.


Additionally we are happy to anounce the official PRE-FESTIVAL Boat Ride incl. Afterpary taking place on 

Saturday JUNE 30 2018!

Infos & Contact

+41 76 530 56 66


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Journey & Accomodation

The Festival is taking place in two cities. This arrangement is meant to connect these cities musically and for foreigners to see different parts of Switzerland.

Between Zürich (Friday) and Lucerne (Saturday and Sunday) it's a 1 hour Journey by train or a 40 minutes journey by car.

The Swiss Soca Crew is there to support you on that journey between these two beautiful cities.

Get in touch with us:


The same idea with accomodation. The Swiss Soca Crew and you is one family! Contact us if you need help Hotel, Hostel or also with "Couch Surfing". Check for your hotels near to the venues Gewerbehalle Luzern ond Saturday and Kontiki Zürich on Friday.
It's suggested to spend one night in Zürich (Friday to Saturday) and one to two nights in Lucerne (Saturday to Sunday). Link up with us if you need further instructions.

Arriving and staying in Switzerland

To reach Switzerland we suggest you take a flight to Zürich airport which is well connected to the city of Zürich where the CARIBBEAN CRUISE will start from. 

Have in mind that Switzerland is not using Euros and that the Event venues do not accept payment by card. So change your currency to Swiss Francs (CHF) in advance or use your Credit or Debit Card at one of the money machines to get your cash.

Buying your train ticket (from/to airport, from/to Zürich) is possible by card.


Your Budget

The Schedule


19:30 Boarding the Caribbean Cruise at "Bellevue, Theatersteg" in Zürich. Please arrive on time and bring your passport or ID as well as your tickets.


23:00 Official "Caribbean Cruise meets Soca Cruise" Afterparty at Kon-Tiki Zürich until 5am. Reggae-Floor and Soca Floor (DJs and Artist-Showcases).



16:00 Start of the Festival Day Fete on "Lädeliplatz" in Lucerne.

22:00 Reggae & Dancehall Night at el Barrio Luzern.

22:00 Soca Night at Gewerbehalle Luzern



12:00 "Cool Down" Day Fete at Gleis 13 Outdoor Lounge (Container 13).


You will get in Touch with Christina aka Swiss Queen of Carnival or Raphael aka Selecta Iray through the following channels:

The Swiss Soca Crew is willing to make your stay at the Swiss Soca Festival as enjoyable and also affordable as possible. 


Your Flights: offers 2-way flights from capitals like London or Amsterdam for about 80 pounds. Cheaper if you chose to fly in on Thursday and go back on monday instead of sunday.


Your Ground Transport: If you want to travel by the usual train connections in Switzerland you have to count in these costs:
Airport to Zürich: 6.80 CHF (10 minutes, direct)
Zürich to Lucerne: 26.00 CHF (50 minutes, direct)

Lucerne to Airport: 30.00 CHF (1 hour, direct)
Tickets can always be buyed at the trainstation or airport.

If you are interested in joining one of our cheaper lifts, please get in touch, tell us about your arrival time and we will try to arrange something.